Price List - Standard Banners
6'(1830mm) x 2'(610mm) 6'(1830mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 6'(1830mm) x 3'(915mm)
7'(2135mm) x 2'(610mm) 7'(2135mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 7'(2135mm) x 3'(915mm)
8'(2440mm) x 2'(610mm) 8'(2440mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 8'(2440mm) x 3'(915mm)
9'(2745mm) x 2'(610mm) 9'(2745mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 9'(2745mm) x 3'(915mm)
10'(3050mm) x 2'(610mm) 10'(3050mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 10'(3050mm) x 3'(915mm)
11'(3355mm) x 2'(610mm) 11'(3355mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 11'(3355mm) x 3'(915mm)
12'(3660mm) x 2'(610mm) 12'(3660mm) x 2'6"(760mm) 12'(3660mm) x 3'(915mm)

All Banners are manufactured from a standard white reinforced nylon PVC which is flame retardant. These come complete with hems,eyelets and rope and are suitable for long term interior or medium term exterior applications. The prices shown above include a reasonable amount of graphics.
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Updated: 8th February 2000